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Genom den här bloggen siktar jag på att ge en kort summering av olika händelser och platser jag har upplevt genom mitt foto- och naturintresse. Min ambition är att kunna förmedla lite fler bilder på det här sättet än genom tex social medier och andra presentationer.

North 500

2016 Posted on 2016-09-14 22:58

North 500 is a road around the nortern tip of Scotland which is promoted for it’s beuty by the Scottish touris board – Visit Scotland. The roads are old stretches along the cost starting and ending in Inverness.
This last weekend I and four friends from back went to the area and sampled parts of the road – it is beutiful. We started in Edinburgh went all the way to Durness via Kingussie, Carrbridge, Ullapool and other places. On the way back we passed Glen Coe and drove into the Loch Etive and made a final stop in Finnich Glen.
Glen Etive

We are all keen landscape photographers and this causes some problems if you want to cover miles. There are many reasons to stray from the main route and to explore the views.

Durness Beach

The days pass way too quick and we could not do the full circle of the North 500. But we have started it and we found many reasons to return to do the remaining part.

More images for this trip can be found in this gallery.


2016 Posted on 2016-06-27 23:14

The last few weeks I have been a tourist more than usual during my stay here. Family members have visited me here in Edinburgh the last weekends and we have toured the area.

Of course we have enjoyed the landscape too but I use the occasion to collect some of the images from urban environment and of people that I collected. The dominating theme among these pictures are the tourist environment and historic details in cities and villages. Simply my form of postcards and documentary.

There are more image in this gallery showing some of the life in Scotland as I encountered so far.

For those who prefer nature photographs from Scotland may take a look in this gallery.

But it should be noted that the Scots cherish their old buildings and their history and a city like Edinburgh has an impressive intact skyline and many wonderful street environments. Housing for living are often in need of improvement compared to Sweden and what I am used to. However, the place I found to live in is nice and comfortable.
Where ever I go I meet people who are out and about and always friendly no matter what the weather is. Either it is raining or it is about to start raining 🙂 so it is natural the sun umbrella has been adopted to local conditions.
All I meet are friendly happy and ready for a good time. This weekend we visited a Highland games in Fife not to far from St Andrews where people met, played, competed and enjoyed themselves.

Web update – Scotland

2016 Posted on 2016-04-24 21:13

I have now collected some of my pictures from the Scottish landscape in a gallery and uploaded it to my/this home page – You find the gallery – Finding Scotland here.

There are so many photographic opportunities in the Scottish landscape that it will take a long time just to get the bearings right and to locate some personal favourites. There are of course the iconic places like Glen Coe and Isle of Sky but there are so much more.

Personally I enjoy finding alternative places that are not that popular and where you can find your “own” and personal observations. You may already have seen some of these images published by me on FB and other forums but I added some more now. There will be more images added to the gallery as I get more opportunities to upgrade with better ones (hopefully).


2016 Posted on 2016-04-13 20:54

I start to settle into my new home country of Scotland and find my way around. Work quickly fills the weekdays and evenings somehow. The weekend I spend here I try to get around and explore the ever changing country side.
This weekend I took the car to Point of Ardnamurchan which is the most western point on mainland Scotland. A barren and peaceful place. I camped on beach which was i bit chilly but worked out. Nice to have a cap though.
Woke up early in time for some morning coast photography before crawling into the sleeping bag for a morning nap. Woke up after a hour or so by the red dears roaming when they grazed close by. Nice alarm clock.
Driving here takes a long time and it is not only caused by the small and narrow roads. There are many excused to stop and enjoy the landscape, animals or a ruin. I have looked through all the setting on my sat nav but there is not any setting or factor that you can set to compensate for how many photo opportunities there are along the way, miss that.


2016 Posted on 2016-02-21 10:30

It is remarkable how fast time is travelling. This blog should have been updated a long tima ago but my focus has been elsewhere. Since the last note in this page I have changed job and relocated to Scotland. This is of course a great opportunity for exploring a new landscape, nature and culture.

So far i done a couple of drives in the central parts of the area to get an overview of the landscape and looking for intersting photo spots. There are ample of opportunities so I am sure I will enjoy this. Now it will be a question of finding the time and not allow the work to take over smiley