This was not a planned project but ended up as a personal challenge. It started as a normal afternoon excursion to a local favourite spot on Söderåsen about 30 minutes from my house. I was out to get some air and check out the fall colors.
Confitions were very nice with colors that started to change. The moist condition made it vivid, especially with the polarizer on. Was able to capture a few pictures which I turned out well. Inspired I returned a few days later.
This is a popular area among landscape photographers and well document, Nature in the area is kind of “messy” and there is almost always an unwanted branch, twig, leaves or grass straws disturbing the composition. But there are angles where these objects can contribute, it is just to get them to fit in.

The beeches’ colors had now shifted to deep orange and rich brown, especially on the high ground. In the bottom of the gorge more green remain but quickly changes. When returning from the third trip i noticed that I hadn’t taken out more than one lens from the camera bag, a 24-70/2.8. And going back through library from the first two visits I could see that almost all my pictures was taken with the same lens.
Soft light, rich colors and a landscape in this quick transition kept calling me back and to try to catch the conditions. This wooded and hilly area is popular among hiker and nature lovers becuase it’s wild feeling an easily accessable in a populated area. There are mostly always people around where ever you go but the wet weather keep some at home.

As the fall is devloping the conditions changes, leaves are falling and colors getting paler bv the day. Water levels are up in the small streams this year compared to the superdry 2018 and this opens up for different pictures. These streams are always tempting places to me where to look for compositions. For some reason I get that conforting sense of tranquility.

The challenge to get into this location and to catch the intimacy of the landscape grew on me and to keep it simple when creating the images. So keeping to the same lens was one way to be consitent as I returned a few more times during this month.
This is a change after working mostly with big open landscapes for a few years.

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