The excitement when an eagle approaches the feeding place and the hide is a great thrill. I just spent two days in a hide in southern Sweden for the first time in several years. It is five years ago last time I had the opportunity to get close to these amazing creatures.

Still it was quite slow and I “only” got to see two Golden eagles this time. I succeeded to get some shots that I am pleased with and which I add to my previous collection. Below are some shots from these two days and in this gallery I show some more from previous years’ meetings.

The time in the hide is a mixture of boring wait, anticpation of what to expect, excitement when the birds arrive, frustration when the birds doesn’t land or move where you hope and great satisfaction when you get a really go shot.

The weather and light conditions if course has a big impact on the photos and this year it was cloudy grey and either snowing or raining. Whatever, the experience is still fantastic.

While wating for the big guys there are of course other visitors to teh feeding table. Below are some of these birds of prey.
Goose Hawk

Common Buzzard