Sifaka, Cameleon, Lemure, Satrana, Elephant Ear plant, Geckos, Baobab all represent something exotic almost magical in the nature to me. Over the years I learned about these animals and plants in Madagascar from magazines like National Geographic and BBC nature TV shows but to experience them myself was for some reason not something that I ever thought would happen it was too remote.

But my wife came up with the great idea to travel to Madagascar to get a chance to experience this flora and fauna first hand. We signed up for a trip with emphasis on nature experiences and visits to some of the National parks in the country. It turned out to be a fantastic experience with opportunity to explore some very beautiful and fantastic places, my favourite place on this trip is for sure Isalo National Park.

A majestic and mountainous landscape and a dream for me as a landscape photographer. Next time I will plan a lot longer time here. The trip was well planned and led by our guides Patric and Mikael but it would never have been the same experience without the local guides who led us through the forests, spine forests, parks and desolated dry lands and told us about the wonders. Thank you Emile, Nestor, John, Benoit, Moma, Julio and more !

You find a gallery of additional images from this trip here.