I sit in my comfort at my home and scan through my images from Madagascar and it strikes me that keep coming back to my images of the kids. The population in this large and generally poor country has a very young average age so there are many of them.

We met kids everywhere during this trip, more here than anywhere else that I can recollect. They were playing, visiting the forests to see the lemures, hanging out with their friends or parents, working for a living or taking care of siblings. All over we met them because they were curious of us odd tourists and came forward and studied us and wanted to chat.

Sign language, a few words in French (both from us and the kids) and sometimes with the help of interpreter took us some way to have short chat with several of them and usually we were met with great smiles and laughs.
Most of these children are poor or even very poor. Even so few of them were begging from us guests that must have given an impression of overwhelming wealth. What was more concerning was that they were on the street and not in school. The schools were partially closed for Easter holiday during our visit but the school attendance is generally very low.

As my friends know I am not a very keen people photographer as my main interest is with nature motives. But here I was attracted by the possibilities, the willing models and joy I met. Not that everyone were full of smiles we also came across those with serious impressions and the shy ones but still interesting models.

Attached are some pictures selected in my collection from these meetings which left a strong impression. Seeing these images remind me of these kids full of life and hope. A visit to the orphanage showed that they have great dreams and ambitions even if they journey to success is tougher than for our own children.

Follow this link to some more images of these great kids.