Back after a 20 day trip to Madagascar and full of new memories. This was a great trip the country and its people were beautiful and friendly, the trip was well organised and the companion travellers were a great bunch of people.

I and many with me probably find that returning to everyday life at home always is a challenge. You have to get the brain into work mode again, adopt to work hours, get through all e-mails, catch up with practical things and at the same time process all the impressions from the trip. Not strange that there sometimes is a feeling of holiday blues when we return. We will see how it develops the coming days.

All the pictures are now imported to the archive and a backup is completed. All the memory cards were filled as always (I constantly bring too few) with photos to support my memory and to record my viewpoint of what I experienced. I’ve also succeeded to tag them and assign GPS coordinates, in case I forget how and where journey took us. It was a quite intensive schedule on this trip to be able to see a good part of the country and we did. But as one who wants to enjoy the details and explore a bit outside the prepared track there are so much more to experience.

My intention is to compile some of these photos and memories into a number of comments on this blog/webpage and possibly present some galleries in the coming weeks. In the meantime a picture of the most iconic animal in Madagascar the Ringtailed Lemure.