Great Britain has some globally known (pre-) historic sites like Stonehenge and Skara Brae on the Orkney Islands but the historic remains are found everywhere in the landscape. This must be a haven for historians.

During my relatively short time in Scotland i have run across many historic sites even when not specifically looking for these. I makes the landscape very much alive at the same time humble for the reference to our history as remains from all different ages are found, all from neolithic age to early industrial times.

There are many sites “scattered” all over the landscape which is fascinating. These places are “just” there in a very natural way as there usually are no specific protection guarding, limited information but the areas are well kept and easily accessible.

Even though information about most sites can be found on the internet we only get some very basic facts and speculations on the background. What have not happened and been heard at all these place and how much could we not learn from these if the rocks could talk.

More of my pictures of historic remains of varying age are found here. This absolutely an area to follow up in the future and provide wide opportunities for new images.

Standing stones close to Crinan (believed to been raised 3200 years ago)Old Castle Lachlan, Strathlachlan (14th century)
Doune Castle (where the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail was partially filmed)