The last few weeks I have been a tourist more than usual during my stay here. Family members have visited me here in Edinburgh the last weekends and we have toured the area.

Of course we have enjoyed the landscape too but I use the occasion to collect some of the images from urban environment and of people that I collected. The dominating theme among these pictures are the tourist environment and historic details in cities and villages. Simply my form of postcards and documentary.

There are more image in this gallery showing some of the life in Scotland as I encountered so far.

For those who prefer nature photographs from Scotland may take a look in this gallery.

But it should be noted that the Scots cherish their old buildings and their history and a city like Edinburgh has an impressive intact skyline and many wonderful street environments. Housing for living are often in need of improvement compared to Sweden and what I am used to. However, the place I found to live in is nice and comfortable.
Where ever I go I meet people who are out and about and always friendly no matter what the weather is. Either it is raining or it is about to start raining 🙂 so it is natural the sun umbrella has been adopted to local conditions.
All I meet are friendly happy and ready for a good time. This weekend we visited a Highland games in Fife not to far from St Andrews where people met, played, competed and enjoyed themselves.