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Genom den här bloggen siktar jag på att ge en kort summering av olika händelser och platser jag har upplevt genom mitt foto- och naturintresse. Min ambition är att kunna förmedla lite fler bilder på det här sättet än genom tex social medier och andra presentationer.

2019 Posted on 2019-11-07 22:13

This was not a planned project but ended up as a personal challenge. It started as a normal afternoon excursion to a local favourite spot on Söderåsen about 30 minutes from my house. I was out to get some air and check out the fall colors.
Confitions were very nice with colors that started to change. The moist condition made it vivid, especially with the polarizer on. Was able to capture a few pictures which I turned out well. Inspired I returned a few days later.
This is a popular area among landscape photographers and well document, Nature in the area is kind of “messy” and there is almost always an unwanted branch, twig, leaves or grass straws disturbing the composition. But there are angles where these objects can contribute, it is just to get them to fit in.

The beeches’ colors had now shifted to deep orange and rich brown, especially on the high ground. In the bottom of the gorge more green remain but quickly changes. When returning from the third trip i noticed that I hadn’t taken out more than one lens from the camera bag, a 24-70/2.8. And going back through library from the first two visits I could see that almost all my pictures was taken with the same lens.
Soft light, rich colors and a landscape in this quick transition kept calling me back and to try to catch the conditions. This wooded and hilly area is popular among hiker and nature lovers becuase it’s wild feeling an easily accessable in a populated area. There are mostly always people around where ever you go but the wet weather keep some at home.

As the fall is devloping the conditions changes, leaves are falling and colors getting paler bv the day. Water levels are up in the small streams this year compared to the superdry 2018 and this opens up for different pictures. These streams are always tempting places to me where to look for compositions. For some reason I get that conforting sense of tranquility.

The challenge to get into this location and to catch the intimacy of the landscape grew on me and to keep it simple when creating the images. So keeping to the same lens was one way to be consitent as I returned a few more times during this month.
This is a change after working mostly with big open landscapes for a few years.

For more images, please visit this gallery.


2019 Posted on 2019-02-10 10:42

The excitement when an eagle approaches the feeding place and the hide is a great thrill. I just spent two days in a hide in southern Sweden for the first time in several years. It is five years ago last time I had the opportunity to get close to these amazing creatures.

Still it was quite slow and I “only” got to see two Golden eagles this time. I succeeded to get some shots that I am pleased with and which I add to my previous collection. Below are some shots from these two days and in this gallery I show some more from previous years’ meetings.

The time in the hide is a mixture of boring wait, anticpation of what to expect, excitement when the birds arrive, frustration when the birds doesn’t land or move where you hope and great satisfaction when you get a really go shot.

The weather and light conditions if course has a big impact on the photos and this year it was cloudy grey and either snowing or raining. Whatever, the experience is still fantastic.

While wating for the big guys there are of course other visitors to teh feeding table. Below are some of these birds of prey.
Goose Hawk

Common Buzzard

Att gå och fiska

2017 Posted on 2017-10-23 22:18

Tiden går snabbt och det har gått ganska många veckor sedan jag fick möjligheten att hänga Anders och vänner till nord Norge för att vara med på deras årliga laxfiske. Min erfarenhet av fiske är väldigt begränsat så det här blev en se och lära upplevelse. Kanske är det min disconnect med fiskets finare detaljer som gjort att det har tagit tid för mig att få ihop några bilder från turen. Men en tjurig dator och andra detaljer har också bidragit. Här kommer i alla fall ett gäng bilder.
Att lyssna på dessa inbitna flugfiskare gör mig delvis vilsen. Planerandet av de bästa poolerna, berättandet om tidigare imponerande fångster, slitna tafsar, krokval och annat fikonspråk gör mig lätt förvirrad. Men förväntningarna på morgondagen, behoven av nya prylar och finesserna i de små detaljerna är precis det samma som hos oss andra inbitna entusiaster. Härligt känner sig hemma med snacket, precis som hos ett gäng naturfotografer när de förbereder en kommande dags utflykt.

Min första tur till Varanger på det här sättet blev lite annorlunda än det jag förväntat mig från fototidskrifter och olika reportage men inte mindre angenämt. Det storslagna landskapet, fokuset på laxarnas vandring och djurlivet i övrigt var imponerande. Mer överraskande för mig var hur mycket människor som bor här långt uppe i norr, hur förvånansvärt grönt det var på sydsidan av Varanger och lämningarna av mångtusen årigt boende i området.

Att komma ut från de för mig vanliga miljöerna i tätorter och ut i de stora landskapen är bland det bästa jag vet. Här är himlarna häftiga, bergen spännande, örnarna glider över landskapet och blicken kan vandra fritt längs med den fjärran horisonten (om vädret tillåter).

Det skiftande vädret är vad det är och man får ta det man får, både bra och dåligt. Men det ger ibland oväntade upplevelser som vi får försöka utnyttja till det bästa. Det är en blandning av frustration och entusiasm som bidrar till att våra hobbys, oavsett vad vi sysslar med, alltid förändras.

Tack killar för jag fick hänga på er till denna vackra plats och dela er upplevelse och passion.

Till bildgalleriet

Nature on the eigth continent

2017 Posted on 2017-05-23 22:58

Sifaka, Cameleon, Lemure, Satrana, Elephant Ear plant, Geckos, Baobab all represent something exotic almost magical in the nature to me. Over the years I learned about these animals and plants in Madagascar from magazines like National Geographic and BBC nature TV shows but to experience them myself was for some reason not something that I ever thought would happen it was too remote.

But my wife came up with the great idea to travel to Madagascar to get a chance to experience this flora and fauna first hand. We signed up for a trip with emphasis on nature experiences and visits to some of the National parks in the country. It turned out to be a fantastic experience with opportunity to explore some very beautiful and fantastic places, my favourite place on this trip is for sure Isalo National Park.

A majestic and mountainous landscape and a dream for me as a landscape photographer. Next time I will plan a lot longer time here. The trip was well planned and led by our guides Patric and Mikael but it would never have been the same experience without the local guides who led us through the forests, spine forests, parks and desolated dry lands and told us about the wonders. Thank you Emile, Nestor, John, Benoit, Moma, Julio and more !

You find a gallery of additional images from this trip here.

Kids, kids and kids

2017 Posted on 2017-05-15 23:16

I sit in my comfort at my home and scan through my images from Madagascar and it strikes me that keep coming back to my images of the kids. The population in this large and generally poor country has a very young average age so there are many of them.

We met kids everywhere during this trip, more here than anywhere else that I can recollect. They were playing, visiting the forests to see the lemures, hanging out with their friends or parents, working for a living or taking care of siblings. All over we met them because they were curious of us odd tourists and came forward and studied us and wanted to chat.

Sign language, a few words in French (both from us and the kids) and sometimes with the help of interpreter took us some way to have short chat with several of them and usually we were met with great smiles and laughs.
Most of these children are poor or even very poor. Even so few of them were begging from us guests that must have given an impression of overwhelming wealth. What was more concerning was that they were on the street and not in school. The schools were partially closed for Easter holiday during our visit but the school attendance is generally very low.

As my friends know I am not a very keen people photographer as my main interest is with nature motives. But here I was attracted by the possibilities, the willing models and joy I met. Not that everyone were full of smiles we also came across those with serious impressions and the shy ones but still interesting models.

Attached are some pictures selected in my collection from these meetings which left a strong impression. Seeing these images remind me of these kids full of life and hope. A visit to the orphanage showed that they have great dreams and ambitions even if they journey to success is tougher than for our own children.

Follow this link to some more images of these great kids.

Holiday blues?

2017 Posted on 2017-04-29 11:44

Back after a 20 day trip to Madagascar and full of new memories. This was a great trip the country and its people were beautiful and friendly, the trip was well organised and the companion travellers were a great bunch of people.

I and many with me probably find that returning to everyday life at home always is a challenge. You have to get the brain into work mode again, adopt to work hours, get through all e-mails, catch up with practical things and at the same time process all the impressions from the trip. Not strange that there sometimes is a feeling of holiday blues when we return. We will see how it develops the coming days.

All the pictures are now imported to the archive and a backup is completed. All the memory cards were filled as always (I constantly bring too few) with photos to support my memory and to record my viewpoint of what I experienced. I’ve also succeeded to tag them and assign GPS coordinates, in case I forget how and where journey took us. It was a quite intensive schedule on this trip to be able to see a good part of the country and we did. But as one who wants to enjoy the details and explore a bit outside the prepared track there are so much more to experience.

My intention is to compile some of these photos and memories into a number of comments on this blog/webpage and possibly present some galleries in the coming weeks. In the meantime a picture of the most iconic animal in Madagascar the Ringtailed Lemure.

If rocks could talk

2017 Posted on 2017-02-19 12:21

Great Britain has some globally known (pre-) historic sites like Stonehenge and Skara Brae on the Orkney Islands but the historic remains are found everywhere in the landscape. This must be a haven for historians.

During my relatively short time in Scotland i have run across many historic sites even when not specifically looking for these. I makes the landscape very much alive at the same time humble for the reference to our history as remains from all different ages are found, all from neolithic age to early industrial times.

There are many sites “scattered” all over the landscape which is fascinating. These places are “just” there in a very natural way as there usually are no specific protection guarding, limited information but the areas are well kept and easily accessible.

Even though information about most sites can be found on the internet we only get some very basic facts and speculations on the background. What have not happened and been heard at all these place and how much could we not learn from these if the rocks could talk.

More of my pictures of historic remains of varying age are found here. This absolutely an area to follow up in the future and provide wide opportunities for new images.

Standing stones close to Crinan (believed to been raised 3200 years ago)Old Castle Lachlan, Strathlachlan (14th century)
Doune Castle (where the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail was partially filmed)

Pyramiden – Svalbard

2017 Posted on 2017-01-08 19:14

Vad händer om man lämnar något efter sig i Arktis när man reser vidare? Inte mycket och det är precis så det är med den fd ryska gruvorten Pyramiden. Staden som hyste mer än 1200 människor men övergavs står kvar mer eller mindre intakt nästan 20 år efter staden utrymdes. Den mesta nedbrytningen och skadegörelsen man kan se är orsakad av människor inte naturen.

Det kalla klimatet i polartrakten gör att nedbrytningen av organiska material går ytterst långsamt. Detta är en del i att miljön i Arktis och Antarktis är så känsliga för föroreningar. Det blir uppenbart att det stämmer när man vandrar in i den i stort sett övergivna gruvstaden.

Här bröt Sovjet kol från 20-talet, då man övertog rättigheterna från svenska exploatörer, fram till 1998 då man lämnade. Idag bor här 8 ryssar som underhåller de få faciliteter som fortfarande är igång och ta hand om gästande turister.

Här fanns en stad med relativt hög levnadsstandard mitt ute i ödemarken. De kulturella faciliteterna var fantastiska för en liten ort, det fanns skola, dagis, bio, teater, kulturhus och sportcenter. Det var också en industri med aktivt kolbrytning med alla kopplade faciliteter i form av verkstäder och vad som behövdes för bostäder etc.

Jag besökte Pyramiden två gånger under en resa hit 2016 och har lämnat kvar ett starkt minne. Det är lite speciellt varje gång jag kommer in bland de här bilderna på min dator. Jag fastnar i detaljerna och finner att jag lägger tid att bläddra fram och tillbaka bland bilderna för att fånga den där speciella känslan som jag hade när jag var på plats.

Du kan titta på fler bilder från det här besöket i det här länkade bildgalleriet.

North 500

2016 Posted on 2016-09-14 22:58

North 500 is a road around the nortern tip of Scotland which is promoted for it’s beuty by the Scottish touris board – Visit Scotland. The roads are old stretches along the cost starting and ending in Inverness.
This last weekend I and four friends from back went to the area and sampled parts of the road – it is beutiful. We started in Edinburgh went all the way to Durness via Kingussie, Carrbridge, Ullapool and other places. On the way back we passed Glen Coe and drove into the Loch Etive and made a final stop in Finnich Glen.
Glen Etive

We are all keen landscape photographers and this causes some problems if you want to cover miles. There are many reasons to stray from the main route and to explore the views.

Durness Beach

The days pass way too quick and we could not do the full circle of the North 500. But we have started it and we found many reasons to return to do the remaining part.

More images for this trip can be found in this gallery.


2016 Posted on 2016-06-27 23:14

The last few weeks I have been a tourist more than usual during my stay here. Family members have visited me here in Edinburgh the last weekends and we have toured the area.

Of course we have enjoyed the landscape too but I use the occasion to collect some of the images from urban environment and of people that I collected. The dominating theme among these pictures are the tourist environment and historic details in cities and villages. Simply my form of postcards and documentary.

There are more image in this gallery showing some of the life in Scotland as I encountered so far.

For those who prefer nature photographs from Scotland may take a look in this gallery.

But it should be noted that the Scots cherish their old buildings and their history and a city like Edinburgh has an impressive intact skyline and many wonderful street environments. Housing for living are often in need of improvement compared to Sweden and what I am used to. However, the place I found to live in is nice and comfortable.
Where ever I go I meet people who are out and about and always friendly no matter what the weather is. Either it is raining or it is about to start raining 🙂 so it is natural the sun umbrella has been adopted to local conditions.
All I meet are friendly happy and ready for a good time. This weekend we visited a Highland games in Fife not to far from St Andrews where people met, played, competed and enjoyed themselves.

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